Where To Escape The Festivities This Christmas


Despite how it may feel in the run-up to December, Christmas is not necessarily for everyone. You might be craving a way to escape the madness and relax somewhere else, where people don’t make such a fuss about the festive season. If that’s what you’re planning, then look no further – we have the perfect list of Christmas getaway destinations, without the Christmas. Just make the most of the time off and head to one of these great places!


An ever-popular suggestion among frequent fliers, Dubai does offer something for everyone, so perhaps December is the ideal time to take a trip there yourself? For a luxury hotel escape that’s far removed from all things festive, you won’t find higher standards elsewhere. Enjoy the restaurants, shopping and entertainment to your heart’s content without a bauble in sight.


If you’re less keen on relaxation and prefer an energetic adventure, look to Cambodia, a favourite destination among keen backpackers. Explore the jungles and caves to discover iconic ancient architecture like the Angkor Wat temple, and when you’re ready to rest you can head to the coast for a peaceful paradise getaway. You’ll lose all sense of time in this beautiful country, so remember to come home in the New Year!

Bora Bora

Want the polar opposite to the North Pole? No, not literally, that would be the South Pole… we mean in terms of climate and atmosphere rather than geography. The island paradise of Bora Bora offers an amazing escape from busy everyday life, especially during winter. With the warm blue water around you, views of spectacular green mountains and your own private hut, you’ll forget it’s December entirely.

Havana, Cuba

You can opt to enjoy Cuba’s fantastic climate over Christmas and stay safely in the confines of a luxurious holiday resort, but we would recommend taking the plunge and immersing yourself in the local culture. Although there may be signs of Christmas as a result of the traditional religious influences in Havana, it won’t be comparable to the stress back home. The nightlife is vibrant, the streets are colourful and the weather is guaranteed to be favourable.

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