christmas island

Believe it or not, Christmas Island is a real destination situated in the South of Indonesia and surrounded by the Indian Ocean. The Island is best known for their red crab migration which happens every year during the rainy season. Aside from that, there are plenty more things you can do on the island. We’ve listed some of the best things you can do while you’re on Christmas Island.



Did you know that 63% of the island is a national park? Which means there are plenty of lands to hike around. We recommend exploring their main national park which is filled with plentiful of flora and fauna.


Scuba diving

Scuba diving is the best way to explore the marine wildlife of Christmas Island. It’s an exciting experience to be able to see and swim with different kinds of underwater wildlife in their natural habitat.


Flying fish cove

The flying fish cove can be accessed by a yacht. There are plenty of water activities including canoeing, snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving.


Yacht renting

The yacht is an excellent opportunity to explore the shoreline of the island. Feel the breeze of the sea while you roam around the coastline.



The Indian Ocean surrounds the island, and it’s a perfect spot for fishing. You can find a fishing spot where you can rent a fishing equipment. You can keep your catch or take a photo of the fish you’ve caught and bring it back as a souvenir.


Red crab migration

The red crab migration happens every year around the wet season time from November to April. This is when the island is invaded by a mass amount of red crabs, and you get to see the tiny creatures breed and spawn to the sea. It’s truly a rare moment to witness the amazing red crab migration.


The Christmas season is the perfect time to travel somewhere in a hot or warm weather. It’s also a great way to celebrate Christmas in a different location with your loved ones. To give you an idea on where you can travel to this Christmas, we’ve gathered some of the best places all around the world.


Singapore may seem far out from the UK, but it’s one of the most modern cities you would ever step foot in. Not only do they have hundreds of malls and restaurants in the city, but they also offer a variety of attractions and places that are worth visiting. For a family trip, we recommend trying out the bumboat tour experience around their river waterways and the water park in Sentosa Island.


If you’re looking for a relaxing Christmas holiday, we highly recommend the Krabi Town in Thailand. Krabi is a beautiful province surrounded with breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea and Phang Nga Bay. It’s filled with plenty of cafes, restaurants and water activities that are ideal for a family or a couple vacation.


beachMelbourne’s warm weather is an ideal escape from the cold weather in the UK during Christmas time. The city offers plenty of attractions and foods during the season. You can stroll around the food stalls and have a lovely picnic in the royal botanic gardens located in the heart of Melbourne.
If you fancy heading to a nearby beach, you can easily hop on a tram and make your way to St Kilda Beach.


Orlando is best known for their extensive theme parks which is an ideal holiday for the kids. The theme parks including the Universal Orlando celebrates Christmas filled with festive decorations and plenty of fun adventures and activities. The hot weather is just another bonus!

If you want to get away from the cold weather this Christmas, whether you’re planning to celebrate the holiday itself or not, there will be many different options available. This is especially true if you’re planning your trip this early in the year.

However, a large range of options can also be seen as a negative. How can you choose the best destination, or the best kind of trip to book, when you’re overwhelmed by choices? To help you make the right decision, we have some tips on finding the best deals and booking the best Christmas breaks when you have somewhere warm in mind.

Research the climate

This may sound obvious, but people who don’t travel too often might forget how much seasonal weather conditions can vary around the world at any given time. During our winter, many countries in the southern hemisphere will be experiencing summer, while countries closer to the equator will have hotter weather all year round. However, our summers are not comparable to those in most of the world, and you will want to avoid rainy seasons or unbearable heat, so do your research.

Prepare for costs to go up

It doesn’t matter whether Christmas is widely celebrated in the country you intend to visit, the prices will still increase around December when it comes to accommodation and flights. The reason for this is that demand is high around the world, with so many people travelling for various reasons, including western tourists looking for a sunny getaway. Don’t assume that somewhere will be cheap just because the local culture doesn’t traditionally celebrate Christmas.

Book early

This time of year is great for booking flights and hotels around the world in December, provided the tickets are available. For some trips you might need to wait a little longer to get everything booked, but since demand is high everywhere, bookings will probably be open if you start checking. You’ll be likely to get better prices now than if you wait until autumn to book everything. It is possible to get last minute deals, but it’s not likely that you will get exactly what you want.


What’s the ultimate Christmas holiday? This is what we’re always asked, and we’re actually on a mission to find out for ourselves! Of course, it truly comes down to the individual, but there really is no better festive getaway than a visit to Lapland in search of the real Santa Claus. It’s the most popular destination around the world for people looking for that true Christmas adventure, so naturally there are some great packages that include everything you’ll want from your Christmas holiday. Here are some of the features included when you book an official Lapland holiday to visit Santa.

Flights – When you book a package trip to Lapland, your plane tickets will be included, with the option to fly from almost any major UK airport. You will usually get discounts for advance bookings.

Accommodation – Depending on your provider, you will have a choice of hotels. It’s wise to select the package with the best range of accommodation, as this is a good indication that the elves organising the trip are among Santa’s most reputable!

Meeting Santa – Of course, you need to make sure your visit to Santa himself is included in your package! This is what makes the trip unique and memorable for most kids. Some providers will make this into a bigger adventure, including some which offer a snowmobile search for Santa’s cabin.

Sleigh Rides – Another classic staple of family trips to Lapland, sleigh rides are essential for most visitors! You can enjoy rides pulled by huskies, and even travel like Father Christmas himself in a sleigh pulled by a reindeer team!

Igloo Visits – There are many real igloos in Lapland which are another great thing for the kids (and adults) to experience. They might be a little bigger than you’re imagining!

More Activities – There really are tons of things to fill the rest of your time on a Lapland visit. Tobogganing, snow hockey and even ice fishing are all fun and safe festive activities that the whole family get enjoy. Make sure your package includes all your top picks when you book.

Finding holiday ideas can be tricky if you or someone in your family has a disability that makes you less mobile than others. At Christmas, this task can sometimes be even more difficult since there are even more complications and considerations than at other times.

We would highly recommend looking for specialist services online which provide disabled holiday reviews and information about accessible attractions and destinations over the festive period. Websites like this are the best place to easily make travel plans and book hotels and trips that are suitably accessible for disabled people.


Here are a few ideas to get you started if you’re completely unsure what to do over Christmas but you want to plan a disabled-friendly break. We’ve included a mixture of ideas, some closer to home than others, so you can take your pick!

Historical sites around the UK

ukYou don’t have to go abroad to find some fantastic buildings and sites to visit at Christmas. Many of the country’s most impressive castles, palaces, stately homes and parks provide great access for people with disabilities and limited mobility, including Blenheim Palace which is almost entirely accessible by wheelchair and one of the most beautiful attractions in Oxfordshire, especially during the winter if you’re lucky enough to see it covered in snow.

Luxury spa getaways

In increasingly popular option among people looking to book a relaxing winter break is to focus on one of the country’s best spa facilities. Luckily, there are a wide range of disabled-friendly options available especially if you book early. What better way to relax and unwind away from the stress of everyday life? A trip to a high end spa can also make the perfect Christmas present (even if it’s a little early). You may even be able to venture beyond the UK to visit one of Europe’s ultimate spas, and maybe do a little continental Christmas shopping on the way home.


Cottages and lodges

For a cosy and peaceful winter holiday close to home, the UK is one of the best countries to search for accessible lodges, cottages and other charming holiday lets that will be suitable for those with limited mobility. Many are located in some of the most beautiful woodlands or holiday parks, and look their best with a snowy December backdrop. This is a great way to escape for a traditional festive break while cutting down on travel expenses and hassle.

Christmas market tour

chriustmasIf you’re feeling more adventurous and want to travel around different countries on your winter holiday, we would highly recommend a tour of Europe’s finest Christmas markets. Germany is definitely the highlight of the continent because of the sheer range of different markets, but Belgium, France and many more nearby countries also have charming traditional markets in the run up to Christmas. It’s a magical way to discover traditional food, experience new cultures and get all your shopping done while having fun, plus most of the markets in Europe are fully accessible for disabled people.

Christmas cruises

If you have a little more money to spend and you want to take a December trip that caters to your every need, you won’t get much better than a luxury cruise. Many of these begin before or just after Christmas and take you into the New Year, including the ever-popular Caribbean and Mediterranean cruise ships. Finding a cruise that’s fully suitable for wheelchair users or other disabilities should be easy, especially with the help of a specialist directory.

Lapland Reindeer

Getting married at Christmas, or even renewing your vows or celebrating your anniversary, really adds a new meaning to the idea of a fairytale wedding. However, it may become a little impractical if you choose to host your celebration at home. The weather is pretty much guaranteed to be cold, but perhaps not very festive. To truly create a magical experience for yourselves and your guests, perhaps it’s time to consider heading to Lapland (famously the real home of Santa Claus himself) for an amazing destination wedding?

You don’t even need to go at Christmas for a festive wedding in the Lappish Fells. The weather is snowy and the scenery is spectacular all year round, so you could even recreate the magic of Christmas for your special day during the summer or at any other time that suits your wedding. The choice is yours.

Christmas Wedding in LaplandA typical wedding package in Lapland would include your ceremony and any costs for things like administration fees and your actual certificates of marriage, so all this can be taken care of for you. Usually a professional wedding planner will be involved from when you place your booking in order to assist with all the arrangements, including transport to and from the venue, plus decorating and organising the event itself. Like most package weddings or holidays in general, you can choose the level of customisation you want versus the convenience of having the hassle dealt with for you.

Of course, the joy of travelling to Lapland for your marriage ceremony is that you can fill the rest of your time with amazing and memorable activities! You’ll get an authentic Arctic adventure when you travel here, including sleigh rides, snowmobile riding and more fun activities. You’ll also get to meet huskies, reindeer and more festive local wildlife. Typically you would be able to plan your whole trip with set activities for each day, which helps you get the most of of your wonderful destination wedding trip. What better way could there be to travel for Christmas?