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German markets are famous around the world, and many travelling markets will tour other countries and set in a new city every week to give locals a taste of what Germany has to offer. At Christmas this is even more popular, since the country is known for its amazing traditional Christmas shops and stalls selling a wide selection of high quality festive decorations, plus amazing seasonal food. The sight, smell and taste of a real German Christmas market are unmatched, so where better to experience it for yourself than some of these places in Germany?


The capital is a great place to start, with over 60 markets to choose from in a typical festive season. Most are within minutes’ walk of each other so you can tour round to see everything that’s on offer. Some specialise in gifts, others food, and some are packed with live entertainment and music.


The grand, gothic Cologne Cathedral is the site of the city’s biggest and most popular market in the month running up to Christmas. The air will be filled with the scent of spiced mulled wine and the sound of traditional carols, plus the central Christmas tree is known for being spectacularly big!


This popular destination is spectacular all year round, but its huge Christmas market takes it to the next level! The impressive town hall is at the centre of the main annual market, and from here you can see it in all its glory. You can also visit several different markets across the city, with more traditional, medieval-themed ones to the much more modern.


Having been held in the town for over 570 years, Dresden’s Striezelmarkt is the oldest in the country and runs until Christmas Eve. There are many traditional foods and gifts available here, plus if you visit on the second Saturday of Advent, you’ll see the annual revealing of an enormous Christmas cake, which is sliced and shared out as part of an essential tradition.



Finding holiday ideas can be tricky if you or someone in your family has a disability that makes you less mobile than others. At Christmas, this task can sometimes be even more difficult since there are even more complications and considerations than at other times.

We would highly recommend looking for specialist services online which provide disabled holiday reviews and information about accessible attractions and destinations over the festive period. Websites like this are the best place to easily make travel plans and book hotels and trips that are suitably accessible for disabled people.


Here are a few ideas to get you started if you’re completely unsure what to do over Christmas but you want to plan a disabled-friendly break. We’ve included a mixture of ideas, some closer to home than others, so you can take your pick!

Historical sites around the UK

ukYou don’t have to go abroad to find some fantastic buildings and sites to visit at Christmas. Many of the country’s most impressive castles, palaces, stately homes and parks provide great access for people with disabilities and limited mobility, including Blenheim Palace which is almost entirely accessible by wheelchair and one of the most beautiful attractions in Oxfordshire, especially during the winter if you’re lucky enough to see it covered in snow.

Luxury spa getaways

In increasingly popular option among people looking to book a relaxing winter break is to focus on one of the country’s best spa facilities. Luckily, there are a wide range of disabled-friendly options available especially if you book early. What better way to relax and unwind away from the stress of everyday life? A trip to a high end spa can also make the perfect Christmas present (even if it’s a little early). You may even be able to venture beyond the UK to visit one of Europe’s ultimate spas, and maybe do a little continental Christmas shopping on the way home.


Cottages and lodges

For a cosy and peaceful winter holiday close to home, the UK is one of the best countries to search for accessible lodges, cottages and other charming holiday lets that will be suitable for those with limited mobility. Many are located in some of the most beautiful woodlands or holiday parks, and look their best with a snowy December backdrop. This is a great way to escape for a traditional festive break while cutting down on travel expenses and hassle.

Christmas market tour

chriustmasIf you’re feeling more adventurous and want to travel around different countries on your winter holiday, we would highly recommend a tour of Europe’s finest Christmas markets. Germany is definitely the highlight of the continent because of the sheer range of different markets, but Belgium, France and many more nearby countries also have charming traditional markets in the run up to Christmas. It’s a magical way to discover traditional food, experience new cultures and get all your shopping done while having fun, plus most of the markets in Europe are fully accessible for disabled people.

Christmas cruises

If you have a little more money to spend and you want to take a December trip that caters to your every need, you won’t get much better than a luxury cruise. Many of these begin before or just after Christmas and take you into the New Year, including the ever-popular Caribbean and Mediterranean cruise ships. Finding a cruise that’s fully suitable for wheelchair users or other disabilities should be easy, especially with the help of a specialist directory.

Lapland Reindeer

Getting married at Christmas, or even renewing your vows or celebrating your anniversary, really adds a new meaning to the idea of a fairytale wedding. However, it may become a little impractical if you choose to host your celebration at home. The weather is pretty much guaranteed to be cold, but perhaps not very festive. To truly create a magical experience for yourselves and your guests, perhaps it’s time to consider heading to Lapland (famously the real home of Santa Claus himself) for an amazing destination wedding?

You don’t even need to go at Christmas for a festive wedding in the Lappish Fells. The weather is snowy and the scenery is spectacular all year round, so you could even recreate the magic of Christmas for your special day during the summer or at any other time that suits your wedding. The choice is yours.

Christmas Wedding in LaplandA typical wedding package in Lapland would include your ceremony and any costs for things like administration fees and your actual certificates of marriage, so all this can be taken care of for you. Usually a professional wedding planner will be involved from when you place your booking in order to assist with all the arrangements, including transport to and from the venue, plus decorating and organising the event itself. Like most package weddings or holidays in general, you can choose the level of customisation you want versus the convenience of having the hassle dealt with for you.

Of course, the joy of travelling to Lapland for your marriage ceremony is that you can fill the rest of your time with amazing and memorable activities! You’ll get an authentic Arctic adventure when you travel here, including sleigh rides, snowmobile riding and more fun activities. You’ll also get to meet huskies, reindeer and more festive local wildlife. Typically you would be able to plan your whole trip with set activities for each day, which helps you get the most of of your wonderful destination wedding trip. What better way could there be to travel for Christmas?



Right now, many of us on the northern hemisphere are experiencing some of the warmest weather of the year. In fact, in the UK, July has brought us one of the strongest heatwaves in recent memory. Is it any wonder the last thing on any of our minds has been Christmas? Sorry for the lack of updates lately, by the way!

This has got us thinking, though. For everyone down south, including Australia, New Zealand and so on, Christmas actually falls in the middle of summer due to the backwards seasons. This is bizarre to most of us, who associate snow and warm fireplaces with the festive season. To others, it might actually sound like pure paradise. Imagine all the fun of Christmas without the sometimes treacherous weather conditions! If you’re thinking of actually escaping to another country (like Australia for example) for a warmer festive season than you’re used to, what exactly should you expect?

For one thing, the weather will be different. Yes, just to reiterate… Christmas is in summer for 50% of the world, although you would never imagine it based on our traditional festive imagery. Expect scorching sun throughout the season if you’re heading south. Most celebrations are held outside so people can keep cool and cheerful, and you won’t see many woolly coats, hats and scarves.

When it comes to the food, of course, many people still enjoy a roast turkey meal followed by traditional Christmas pudding, but there may be a little more variation than you’re used to when it comes to Christmas Dinner in Australia. A lot of people opt for a BBQ, which usually lasts all afternoon with plenty of ice cold beer to keep everyone going. Prawns are actually an Australian Christmas tradition – they’re 10x more popular in December than at any other time of year.

Not much else is really that different with a hot Australian Christmas. It’s still a time for family to gather and play games together, exchange gifts and have a merry time. You’re really just swapping the snow for sand. If that sounds like your kind of thing, maybe you should consider a visit!

Christmas festive is one of the most important seasons in the year you should ensure that you get the best out of your time. There are a lot of interesting things you can do to spice it, but the best one is travelling to different parts of the world. This is a great time to escape the cold weather in the United Kingdom or you can decide to visit snowy areas, so that you can have a better festive feel. This article offers you top 5 Christmas destinations with tips on what to do and where to stay.

French Alps


If you are the kind of a person who likes skiing, this is one of the greatest destinations for you to visit. These Alps can offer you an amazing skiing experience that you have never enjoyed before. During the winter they change into snowy wonderland. There are world most popular ski stations that offer some of the world’s most amazing skiing. There are fast black runs and a lot of slopes for starters and snowy activities for your children. You will have a great opportunity to learn how to ski or boost your skiing skills in the many ski schools available. In order to have the best experience you need hire Ski Hiver in order to get affordable skiing holiday as you visit the French Alps. They offer wide range of self catered chalets at a more affordable price and self catered apartments. For more details you can visit Ski Hiver – http://www.skihiver.co.uk.

Beach Holidays in Bali


When you hear about Bali one thing that comes into your mind are great beaches where you can have an exceptional Christmas holiday. Here you meet friendly people from different parts of the world who come here every Christmas to enjoy their holiday. There are also beautiful beaches, high standards restaurants where you can enjoy any meal you want. When you are enjoying your holiday here you can get involved in several activities including snorkellling, surfing, diving, attend cooking classes, horse riding and others. You will also enjoy high class accommodation in  hotel, bar and restaurants located in Gili Trawangan which is the beach here. As you stay here you enjoy great views of clear, blue waters of Lombok start and unique views of Mount Rinjani.

Spa Boutique holidays in Europe


If you have never visited Greece, then this is perfect destination for you during the next Christmas festive. You can decide to visit Ionian Islands that offer a cinematic and splendid paradise. The best island to visit here is Zakynthos which is the largest island. This island is elegant with alt of crops such as grapes and olives. Music is part of culture, whereby you can catch a festival or concert all nights during your holiday. The weather is also cool and will make you relax well as you enjoy your holiday. It is also a remote island with clear waters and friendly people from different cultural backgrounds. As you enjoy your Christmas holiday here, you should seek accommodation in Porto Zante villas & spa which is an award wining five start hotel. For more details visit https://portozante.com.Continue reading

Are you looking for a great place to spend the Christmas holidays with the family? If you want to rekindle the spark of whimsy in you there’s a place where you can get into the Christmas spirit and make you feel like a child all over again. Where you ask? In Disney World of course! Christmas in Disney World is sure to give you and your family an experience that you will never ever forget.

Holidays Santa Mickey

Disney World Attractions and Events

On ordinary days Disney World is still a great place for your whole family to enjoy themselves, but come Christmastime and you will discover the park takes on a whole new festive mood. There are certain events that are only held in this time of the year and it would be a shame if you miss them. Here are some of the Christmas Disney World events and attractions that you should definitely go to:

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – Celebrate Christmas with the world’s favorite mouse as he and his friends share the spirit of the season with you and your family. Snow will fall on Main Street where there are complimentary cookies and hot cocoa, and to cap off the celebration there is a parade and fireworks show at midnight!
Epcot Christmas Around the World – Learn about how other cultures from all over the world celebrate their versions of Christmas as storytellers regale you with tales from different countries and learn about their versions of the holidays.
Epcot Candlelight Processional – This is an annual event and should be a part of everyone’s Christmas in Disney World experience. Here you will get to listen to a touching retelling of the Christmas story as told by celebrity storytellers accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra.

While You’re Here in Disney World

Besides the big events there are still plenty of things you can do in Christmas Disney World. You can enjoy a magical holiday sleigh ride, listen to carolers, you can even take the kids to visit Santa Claus. Even though there are lots of people inside the park during the holidays it will not make your Disney experience any less enjoyable, in fact all of the activity during this time will surely add in the fun.

Outside of the holidays you can be sure to enjoy rides, attractions after your favorite Disney movies, and plenty of fun and entertainment to last for several days. It is truly a place to take your children and your inner child too!

Where to Eat in Disney World

There are plenty of places you and your family can enjoy a sumptuous meal in the Magic Kingdom, but if you are looking for a little something that will add to your whole Christmas in Disney World experience there are several places you might want to check out.

The Liberty Tree Tavern (Magic Kingdom) – If you are looking for a slightly peaceful respite from all of the holiday activity out in the park you should give the Liberty Tree Tavern a try.
Biergarten (EPCOT) – If you want a livelier Christmas Day lunch or dinner what better place to eat than at the Biergarten? In here it is Oktoberfest all year long and the party never stops.
Trail’s End Restaurant (Fort Wilderness) – Though a bit trickier to go to, the Trail’s End will surely give you a Christmas dinner you will never forget. The Trail’s End gives off a rustic and cozy atmosphere that will only increase come Christmastime when all the decorations are up.

Where to Stay at Disney World

Walt Disney World is known for its nice selection of hotels, and although all of the hotels in the park get into the spirit of things in the holiday season, there are some hotels that give off more Christmas spirit than others.

The Grand Floridian – This Victorian-style hotel is probably the best among the deluxe Disney hotels in the park. When the Christmas season comes a huge gingerbread house will appear in the hotel lobby, and lights and decorations will come out everywhere. If you want to spend Christmas in Disney World in class the Floridian is where you should stay.
The Wilderness Lodge – This hotel is in one of the park’s most beautiful resort. The ambiance inside the Lodge during the Christmas season is just great and the giant Christmas tree in the main hall of the lodge is truly an amazing sight to see.
Though it is a bit hectic during this time of the year, Christmas in Disney World will still trump most of the Christmases you and your family have had in the past. So if you are looking for an enjoyable holidays for the whole family you simply cannot beat the allure of the Magic Kingdom.